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Emilian Dechev from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Bachelor's degree in Visual Communications and Advertising

Master's degree in Filmmaking.

emilian dechev


Creative photography and digital retouch.

Directing, shooting and editing of movies and video commercials.

Aerial videography drone pilot.

Video editing and post production.

2D: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Mocha, Colorista, Davinci Resolve
3D: PFtrack, Element 3D, 3DS max, Houdini Dynamics, Pflow, Krakatoa, mCloth, FumeFX, Rayfire, Realflow

Audio post production.

DCP (digital cinema package)

Rental of filmmaking equipment.


Email: emiliandechev@abv.bg
Skype: deusex1
Facebook: profile
Tel: 0886842845
language bulgarian